“I have new confidence in what I wear and how I look.”

Getting my personal color analysis at Colorpolitan with Rebecca was a delight! Rebecca was friendly and made it fun while she taught me about a subject I really knew nothing about. 

I really did not know what to expect, but Rebecca put me at ease the first few minutes I was there.  She included me in her thoughts as she determined my best colors. It was an interesting process to watch her rule colors in or out. She definitely has an eye for pulling out the best in you!

Since being told my best colors, it is extra fun to go shopping! I have new confidence in what I wear and how I look. I would definitely give Rebecca a try!

— Aimee B. 

“This has opened up a whole new world to me!”

I had an amazing experience with Rebecca. Not only is she the sweetest & kindest soul you could ever meet, she knows what she’s doing. I’ve spent my whole life thinking I needed to wear “cool” colors. I think I went into shock when she step by step, and color by color, explained and showed me that I was in fact a true autumn. I’ve spent the last several days sinking into my new color pallet. I have never put on an orange or mustard colored piece of clothing in my life, but I dove in. In the last 3 days, I have been told I was “stunning”, “pretty”, and a woman who was a complete stranger approached me and told me I was “beautiful”. I can get used to this! Thank you for what you do, Rebecca. This has opened up a whole new world to me!

— Sheila K.

“Pursing this knowledge is a worthwhile investment...”

"Fascinating experience !  Who would have thought there was so much more to learn about color and how it can affect another's view of you as well as your view of yourself.  When you know the right colors to wear it just highlights the beautiful woman God made you to be!  I enjoyed how Rebecca was excited to share these scientific facts about color and pursing this knowledge is a worthwhile investment of time and money."

— Diane R. 

“I LOVE color in my life, but I often have no clue which ones to choose…”

I am truly thankful for my Colorpolitan consultation! Rebecca was the best!!! She is professional, kind, cheerful, thorough, and considerate. She invites you into the color analysis process so that you learn as she works. She taught me things about color and the way it interacts with me I never would have noticed. Instead of simply giving you a swatch book you can use, she equips you all throughout the process with knowledge, empowering you to be confident in who you are and to make decisions about the colors you wear. Her feedback is also genuine; each of us has parts of our skin, face or complexion we’re not thrilled with. HOWEVER - Rebecca genuinely points out the beauty of each of these parts and how they compliment the whole of who you are. I was able to see features of my face and skin tone in a whole new way - I learned how they uniquely fit together with my person and are beautiful! Seriously, it was healing & empowering for me as some of the things she said directly spoke to areas of insecurity. 

Also, I LOVE color in my life, but I often have no clue which ones to choose. As my husband will attest, I am constantly asking him for feedback on my outfits, and he can’t pinpoint why something doesn’t look good on me. With my swatchbook I now understand WHY and what part doesn’t look good. It has saved me money in shopping, and helped me branch out to buy clothes in colors I never would have chosen before. But now I get tons of compliments wearing my colors! It’s also been wonderful for online shopping because I don’t have to try on clothes to know what colors would look good on me. When I wear my colors I don’t feel as much of a need for make up to look nice.

I did my color analysis with my mother in law for Mother’s Day and it was so fun to do together! I don’t typically spend a lot of time or effort on my appearance, but this was definitely money well spent; you won’t regret it!

— Rachel R.

“When I was draped with my harmonious colors, I felt better; my mood changed.”

What an insightful and fun process this was with Rebecca! My friend & I both had a personal color analysis done and it was amazing to understand the science (and emotion) behind color. When I was draped with my harmonious colors, I felt better; my mood changed. Rebecca made us both feel at ease. She is so personable and lovely! I was very happy to see that many of my "best" colors are ones I was naturally gravitating towards!! I highly recommend using Rebecca and experiencing a color analysis for yourself!

— Michell B.

“Indulge yourself…”

You are going to wear clothes. Why don’t you wear some that are colors you look and feel great in?! If you’re going to the trouble to put on makeup, use some that’s the right colors! Be enlightened and let Rebecca show you how to make your skin and eye color radiate at it’s best. She’s a joy to work with. Indulge yourself.

— Amanda C.

“my most “natural” self”…

I recently had my consultation with Rebecca, and... WOW. I thought I knew my best colors, but her method helped us find the exact shades that keep me looking my most "natural" self, and therefore bringing out the best me!

— Laura D.

"...it can really help influence your life in great ways! ”

The color analysis I did with Rebecca was fabulous! It was very eye-opening to see the way the colors affected my skin and even my mood. It even helped me realize, “That’s why I just feel yuck in that particular shirt.” Rebecca is very personable and all about getting the right season for you. Just yesterday I was recommending color analysis with Rebecca. I do feel like once you grasp it all, it really can help influence your life in great ways!

— Deena M.

“This was an invaluable experience that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.”

I had an absolutely incredible time discovering my season with Rebecca. I had an appointment with my sister-in-law and we had so much fun. Rebecca was so kind and knowledgable and the appointment felt like hanging out with old friends.

I had been interested in Personal Color Analysis for a few years prior to my appointment and thought I had narrowed myself down to a few seasons, but I was completely blown away by my result! I ended up being a Bright Winter which I had never expected, but the colors, though insanely bright, made me feel and look so alive and confident. You really do have to come in and experience it for yourself to find the colors that are the most amazing and harmonious with you and to see how colors that aren't your best can affect not only others' perception of you, but your overall mood. I had been dressing in dark winter colors for years and in my appointment I got to see how they made me appear serious, older, intimidating, and like I didn’t want to be seen.

I have been embracing my bright winter colors since my appointment and it has been life changing. I had to come to terms with bright red and pink lipstick looking "normal" on me, but I love it now and it has completely simplified shopping for makeup and clothing. I've even been relentlessly complimented by strangers when wearing my colors which is a great confidence boost. This was an invaluable experience that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend getting your colors done with Rebecca at Colorpolitan!

— Bridget C. 

“Truly enlightening...This was a really fun experience and I was equipped with tools I can use for the rest of my life.”

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone, male or female, getting a color analysis done! It was really cool seeing how the different drapes that were put over me affected my skin. Truly enlightening! I learned so much about how colors affect the way I look and feel and even had fun afterwards shopping for new clothes that were in my color scheme. I can definitely tell the difference when I am wearing a color that is in my season and people (including my husband) have even commented on how bright and cheerful I look when wearing my correct colors. This was a really fun experience and I was equipped with tools I can use for the rest of my life.  Rebecca was so personable and really fun to work with. Again, I would recommend this to everyone!

— Michelle K.

“…it really has helped me be more comfortable and confident in my clothing choices.”

Last fall I was looking for something fun to do while my sister was visiting. Learning about color theory and how it relates to our clothing choices was SO much more than fun, it really has helped me be more comfortable and confident in my clothing choices. It turns out my fashion “mistakes” were really just not understanding my best colors.

Tonight I took advantage of personal shopping with Rebecca. This gave me the opportunity to not only practice swatching but also to have Rebecca’s discerning eye when it comes to style. I am all set with a new capsule wardrobe that looks great, fits my lifestyle, and compliments my coloring.

— Ann B.

This will forever change my closet and I will have more colors than I ever thought possible! 

I walked into my appointment pretty sure what color palette I was going to have. Through the first sets of drapes that were put on, I was still thinking that I was right. But, as Rebecca got to the differences in tones and hues, and I started to see how each color and shade effected my face, I was glad she was the one that had to make the decision! She let me really notice which colors were bringing out the best me, taken time to help consider ones I maybe hadn’t seen before. As we continued the analysis, I was starting to see which colors made my face look green or like I had frostbite or that would make me glow and just feel better. It was totally shocking to me that the color palette that I am was almost the complete opposite of what I thought I looked good in. This will forever change my closet and I will have more colors than I ever thought possible! 

— Camille B.

"My session with her was fun, eye-opening, informative and encouraging!"

Rebecca lives life in color! For a woman who spots unique giftings and specific areas of potential in the people around her, Colorpolitan couldn't be a better fit business-wise. My session with her was fun, eye-opening, informative and encouraging! She's able to translate scientific and complex color theories into helpful, day-to-day rules of thumb that have revealed to me the beauty in my own God-created coloring. I'm a True Autumn who loves Colorpolitan! 

— Courtney E.

“Immediate noticeable change!”

My color experience with Rebecca was well worth the time and effort. Rebecca is full of energy, kind, engaging and warm - she made me feel right at home, like she had known me all my life. She taught me about how color affects my skin tone and I saw the changes in my skin when different color drapes were placed on me. It was an immediate noticeable change! I would recommend this service and Rebecca to anyone who wants to learn more about who they are and feel empowered knowing what color palette works best for them. 

— Heather I. 

“I learned so much”

Rebecca is so informative!! I loved having my color analysis done! I learned so much about the importance of my color choices for me. It was so interesting! I’m so glad I booked this appointment with Rebecca. Don’t miss out on learning what color options work best for you. It’s amazing!! Shopping takes on a new meaning.😊 Thank you for your expertise Rebecca!!

— Tammy S..

"I left feeling more confident and empowered. ”

I loved my personal color analysis session with Rebecca. I've always had a good eye for discerning what colors worked well on me, so I was surprised at how much I learned just by spending two hours with Rebecca, dozens of fabric drapes and a mirror! I left feeling more confident and empowered. 

— Aveline C.