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I'm Rebecca, owner, creative, and Certified Personal Color Analyst at Colorpolitan. Growing up near the California coast, I've had a fascination with beauty in nature and the colors that surround me.

I have a BA double major in Theater and Communications and worked in Marketing after college. I also have years of experience as a leader, makeup artist, and business coach in the beauty industry and understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. I have always loved makeup, skincare, and fashion. I'm a learner and a researcher as well and all things color make me happy! I find value in connecting with people and love to sit down over a good cup of coffee or a smoothie. 

What drew me to personal color analysis was the idea that each human is unique. With the Sci/Art method,  there is a scientifically proven system to help one figure out the correct versions of reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, whites, oranges etc. that are most harmonious with their natural self! No more guessing or wasting money shopping for the wrong clothes or makeup in the wrong colors.

I've worked with many women who've been impacted by color analysis - professional women, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders, moms who are all utilizing their color analysis knowledge and personal color palettes to enhance their natural beauty, feel more confident, and simplify their lives in many ways.  They're rocking it out and you can too!

When I'm not at the Colorpolitan studio, you can find me enjoying time with my husband and 4 little boys (yes... 4 boys (twins first), you read that correctly!). We love the Dallas metropolitan and connecting with others in our community. 


I received my Personal Color Analyst certification through True Colour International. To receive accreditation, I have: completion of TCI 12-Tone Sci/ART method training, use of TCI 12-Tone equipment standards, including standard set of TCI 12-Tone drapes. Completion of post-certificate experience and competency review. Continued education through the TCI community.

I am honored to empower others to discover their colors, live authentically, and own their message. I can't wait to meet you!