Sci/ART Personal Color Analysis

At Colorpolitan, we use the state of the art, advanced, 12-Tone Sci/ART Personal Color Analysis system founded by the late Munsell Color Theorist, Kathryn Kalisz. This system is based on the science of natural color harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell color system, full- spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology to discover your natural color palette. 

Kathryn Kalisz - Master munsell color theorist and founder of sci/art color analysis method.

Kathryn Kalisz - Master munsell color theorist and founder of sci/art color analysis method.

From Traditional 4 Season Analysis to 12 Tones (Seasons)

Sci/ART 12 seasonal Tone chart. click the image for viewing

Human coloration is diverse, beautiful, and affected by our undertones (color of our blood) and our natural skin pigmentation. 

Traditional color analysis focused on four true seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. People were categorized as either a cool season: Winter and Summer (blue undertones) or warm season: Summer and Spring (yellow undertones). 

We now know that the majority of people's undertones are neither just cool or warm but somewhere in the middle. 

Enter the Sci/ART 12-Tone method. Utilizing the colors in nature, Kathryn added 8 neutral seasons to the original 4 seasons. All together, these 12 tonal seasons (color palettes) encompass the full range of colors in human beings. It's quite fascinating!  

3 Dimensions of Color and the 12 Tones

These seasonal tones represent 12 distinct areas of color space and are distinguished from one another based on the three core properties of color; hue, value and chroma. 

An in-person personal color analysis will show how your undertones react to specific colors and which hue, value, and chroma are best for you!

HUE (Temperature): Are you warm (yellow undertones), cool blue undertones), or neutral (yellow/blue undertones)?

VALUE: Are light, dark, or colors in between better for you?

CHROMA: Are colors with brightness and saturation better or do you need colors that are more soft and muted?

Your Personal Color Analysis at Colorpolitan

The goal of a Personal Color Analysis is to identify your natural color tone and to accurately place it into one of the scientifically organized 12 seasonal tones.

Your analysis takes place at the Colorpolitan Studio in Dallas, TX.  With a neutral backdrop, and full spectrum lighting, your skin will be assessed through a logical and systematic test color draping process with calibrated drapes. We will see the different affects created on the skin, hair and eyes by the progression of the various test colors. It's quite fascinating! You'll begin to see what colors enhance your natural beauty and which ones oppose you. This process is tried and proven and your season will be accurately determined by the end of the analysis.

After your season is determined, we will then look at the beautiful archival swatchbook you will receive - with 65+ colors in your season and discuss your colors and how to use them when you're shopping or in your closet. If you'd like, I'll apply a quick makeup application in your best makeup colors. 

You will walk away from your Colorpolitan experience with the confidence and clarity you need to utilize your unique color palette to your advantage! This is only the beginning.

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the 12 Seasons Color swatchbooks

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